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Red Elbows Fortis Body Armour

On: Thursday, November 23, 2017

Fortis® Body Armour, Personal Protection at it's BEST!

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Fortis Body Armour   Covert (Concealed) Body Armour
Discreet (Unobtrusive) Waistcoat Style Body Armour
Overt (Civilian) Police Style Body Armour
Overt (Tabard) Military Style Body Armour
Fortis® Body Armour Accessories
Body Armour from Red Elbows - Outdoor Country Clothing

Stab, Spike & Hypodermic Stab Vests & Ballistic (Bullet Proof Vests) Body Armour:

Stab vests and bullet proof vests that are concealed under your shirt (Covert), body armour that's disguised as waistcoats, police / civilian style (Overt) zip fronted stab vests & protective ballistic (bullet proof) vests and black, full military tabard style body armour.

Top Quality, Home Office Certified Body Armour

Please Email Us At: Customer Services:

We prefer to be contacted by email since it gives us a record of your query, but if you must, then

 telephone: 0800 756 6588. For your information:

Stab, Spike & Hypodermic and Ballistic (Bullet Proof) Body Armour in Covert, Discreet, Overt Civilian, Police & Military Styles

Stab Vests & Bullet-proof Vests

Fortis Covert (concealed) Stab, Spike & Hypodermic Protection or Hidden Bullet Proof Ballistic Body Armour
From: £335.00 (Including VAT)
Covert (Concealed or Hidden) Stab, Spike & Hypodermic Protection or Bullet Proof Ballistic Body ArmourMore information and/or buy online

Stab Vests & Bullet-proof Vests

Fortis Waistcoat Style Discreet Stab, Spike & Hypodermic Protection or Hidden Bullet Proof Ballistic Body Armour
From: £390.00 (Including VAT)
Waistcoat Style Discreet Stab, Spike & Hypodermic Protection or Bullet Proof Ballistic Body ArmourMore information and/or buy online

Stab Vests & Bullet-proof Vests

Fortis Overt Zip-Front Police Style Stab, Spike & Hypodermic Protection or Hidden Bullet Proof Ballistic Body Armour
From: £380.00 (Including VAT)
Overt Zip-Front Police Style Stab, Spike & Hypodermic Protection or Bullet Proof Ballistic Body ArmourMore information and/or buy online

Ballistic Bullet-proof Vests

Fortis Overt (Tabard) Military Style Stab, Spike & Hypodermic Protection or Hidden Bullet Proof Ballistic Body Armour
From: £645.00 (Including VAT)
Overt (Tabard) Military Style Bullet-Proof Ballistic (and Stab, Spike & Hypodermic) Protection Body
Armour (in Black Only)
More information and/or buy online


Fortis ® Body Armour are the UK's leading manufacturer of stab vests and bullet proof ballistic vests for supply to Local Authorities, the NHS, Government Departments and "Blue Chip" companies - it is commonly used by police, paramedics, taxi drivers, security guards, traffic wardens, street wardens, doormen, bouncers, bailiffs, probation officers and members of the general public, or anyone else placing themselves in potential danger from attackers. Fortis ® work at the cutting edge of the latest technology, and their body armour is the lightest, most flexible and thus the most comfortable that is available, whilst still meeting the IMPORTANT Home Office & CE Mark standards. The Fortis ® range of Stab Vests, Discreet Body Armour, Overt Police Style Body Protection & Military Body Armour includes four styles, covering three levels of threat protection, from knife, needle or spiked implement attack up to standard amunition fired either from a hand gun, carbine or sub machine gun.


In these uncertain & troubled times it makes common sense to protect yourself against any probable attack! If you place yourself in situations which may cause you to be in "harms way", or if you employ people who, due to their job, may potentially be the subject of a violent attack, you have a duty of care to do what you can to avoid any injuries. Fortis® body armour is U.K. Home Office Certified and this gives high reassurance that it is capable of your chosen level of protection.
Fortis® Body Armour is manufactured in the U.K. by:
T.W. Kempton Ltd.
T.W. Kempton (Corporate Clothing) Ltd.,
Byford Road,

About Body Armour & the Protection Levels

Fortis ® Unisex body armour comes in a four styles and protects against three threat levels, the body armour is available in sizes
XS to 3XL (32" to 58" chest). Women's XS to XL sizes are usually a Stock Item and immediately available, as are Men's XS to 2XL (Note, however, that women's bra cup size D and above & men's size 3XL and tall sizes are made to order and accordingly will take longer to arrive). The four styles available are:

Covert (hidden) body armour in White or Black, worn underneath your shirt or blouse.
Discreet Waistcoat Style body armour (looks like a normal smart waistcoat), in Black only.
Overt Zip Front body armour (Police style, worn over your shirt), in either Black or Hi Vis Yellow.
Overt Military style body armour (over the shoulder & wrap over) only available in the two ballistic (bullet proof) versions, in Black.

All but the Military style come with three protection level options (Military is only available in the two ballistic options) ...
1. KR1 / SP1 - A LOWER protection vest, protecting against Knife Stab, Spike or Hypodermic Needle attack.
2. HG1A / KR1 / SP1 - HIGHER protection against LOW Velocity Ballistic (bullet) attack plus Stab, Spike or Hypodermic attack.
3. HG2 / KR2 / SP2 - TOP LEVEL protection against HIGHER Velocity Ballistic (bullet) attack, + Stab, Spike or Hypodermic attack.

Fortis® Body Armour - Sizes XS to 3XL
 (See Chest Sizes in Inches & Cms below) 
Stab + Spike + Hypodermic Protection
Low Velocity Hand Gun Ballistic + Stab + Spike + Hypodermic Protection
Higher Velocity Hand Gun or Carbine Ballistic + Stab + Spike + Hypodermic Protection
KR1 / SP1 HG1A / KR1 / SP1 HG2 / KR2 / SP2

For a detailed description of what the above Stab & Ballistic protection level Standards mean ... Please Click Here

All Fortis® body armour consists of TWO parts: the inner and the outer - the inner "ARMOUR PACK" is the important component that provides the protection and is held within the "OUTER CARRIER" garment - the Armour Pack simply slides in & out of the Outer Carrier, which allows the outer carrier garment to either be washed or to be changed for a new, or different, outer garment style. The Armour Pack fits into any of the four styles of Outer Carrier and these outer garments can be bought separately, thereby uniquely allowing one piece of body armour to adopt a number of visual styles.

Stab + Spike + Hypodermic
Protection from these:

Stab & Hypodermic Protection
Providing the wearer protection from attack from sharp edged weapons, such as: knives, machetes, axes, hypodermic syringes, needles, or a spiked implement such as screwdriver, chisel, carpenter's bradawl, ice pick, "Stanley" knife, "shiv" or improvised weapon.
We Only Ship To The United Kingdom & Local UK Offshore Islands

Assessing the THREAT LEVEL:
You need to decide whether you are trying to protect against:
Stabbing attack (including knives, spikes and needles)
Blunt injury (from blows to the body)
Ballistic attack (bullets, including blunt-trauma)
Fragmentation (from exploding devices)

Consider This:
In today's increasingly worrying violent World climate, everybody needs to be on guard against not only the criminal threat of violence, but increasingly the threat of imminent terror attack by knives, guns and explosive devices. Whilst it's not always practical to completely defend against such an attack, nor possible to always foresee the timing or location of attack, it makes good sense to do what one can to prevent personal injury.

Firearms are clearly a dangerous threat, but contrary to popular belief, knives (and spikes & hypodermics) can be just as lethal and, worse yet, knives are much more readily available, thus the risk of a potentially deadly attack with them is much higher. Historically many manufacturers have developed reasonably effective solutions against firearms, but competitor's largely ignore knife, spike and needle attack.

Stab + Spike + Hypodermic Protection
+ Ballistic (Bullet) Protection from these:

Ballistic Bullet Proof Protection
Providing protection from stab, spike or needle attack & also threats from either standard ammunition fired from low velocity short barrelled handguns, or standard ammunition fired from higher velocity long barrelled handguns, 9mm carbines & sub machine guns.
UK Home Office Certified

ISO 9001
All three protection levels of Fortis ® body armour will protect against knife, spike and hypodermic needle attack!
It is worth considering that:
1. Nearly TWO THIRDS of all attacks involve an edged weapon.

2. A knife:
a) Never runs out of ammunition
b) Never jams or misfires
c) Rarely misses the target due to the close proximity
d) Is more easily concealed (remember which weapons were used on the 911 hijacks)
e) Cuts bone, tendon, muscles, arteries, veins with one thrust

3. Also consider the fact that:
a) Attacks with edged weapons usually occur when you least expect them
b) You rarely recognise the potential danger due to your faulty perception of the situation
c) Due to the close range, knife attacks are usually exceptionally accurate and can rip through numerous organs in one stroke.
d) Overall, in reality due to the above, knives are more lethal that firearms and can very easily kill or maim.

ALL Fortis ® Stab Vests and Ballistic Vests protect the vital inner body parts from low-to-medium force stabs, thrusts, cuts & blows or attacks with sharp, edged or spiked weapons, including hypodermic syringes. ALL Fortis ® body armour has been tested & certified to the United Kingdom's strict Home Office Police & Scientific Development Branch Standards & is CE marked.
Stab, Spike & Hypodermic Vests have a 10 year Manufacturer's Warranty, all Ballistic Vests have an initial 5 year Manufacturer's Warranty & may be re-certified for a further 5 years for a modest cost.

See Stab & Ballistic protection level Standards: View ISO9001 Certification See Highest (HG2/KR2/SP2) Home Office Certification: View Highest Home Office Certification See ISO9001 Certification: View ISO9001 Certification

IMPORTANT: The wearing of body armour does not guarantee protection from all types of threats that may be encountered.
It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the product specified is satisfactory for the intended purpose.

Red Elbows (Outdoor Country Clothing) is a specialist online retailer of BODY ARMOUR, quality waterproof jackets, shooting clothing (& accessories) + sweaters & jumpers.

See our Smart Phone Mobile Web site: See our Country Clothing Web site: View our "live fire" UZI demo:
Testing an UZI sub machine gun against Fortis® Body Armour vs a Competitor's vest!




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